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Can we share with you why we are so passionate about supporting your quest to grow your company with business funding?


At PENUELCapital, business funding is very personal to us. Our consulting firm represents a new dawn for thriving business owners who need help with the right information about navigating the lending landscape with confidence. We were founded out of the need for definitive guidance and a winning game plan that would empowers hardworking business owners across the United States to learn what they should do to overcome and turnaround past bank loan and business equipment financing denials, business credit cards rebuffs and business lines of credit rejections.


Our founder had a humble beginning and went through financial hardship, struggle and instability while navigating the dream of building an enduring business that will serve the needs of people in our communities. This wilderness journey of financial adversity inspired him into a quest to learn everything he could about our financial system in graduate business school. It was while he was on this inquisitive mission to seek financial truth and freedom that he cracked the code for business funding and unlocked the winning principles that have worked for businesses that successfully navigated the business funding space. Today, we mirror these principles to serve our clients with compassion, excellence, and from the vantage point of someone who had been in their shoes before and walked the path there are on. 


Thank you for checking out our website. If you are in the market to leverage business funding to grow and scale your business in this economy, we hope you would give us the opportunity to work with you and help you learn what you need to do to position your business properly for funding opportunities.

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PENUELCapital is a business funding consulting company. We help provide information for businesses based in the United States to learn what they should do to position their business to become attractive to lenders. From our experience helping business owners over the years, our informational process have helped many businesses figure out what corporate infrastructures they need to put in place in their companies to properly position their businesses for funding opportunities.


If your company is making sales and generating revenue, enough to pay the owner a living wage and work benefits, your business could most likely benefit from business funding. If you would like to leverage business funding to grow and scale your company faster without relying on your personal savings and credit cards or bugging your friends-and-family, or worrying about funds, then we may be able to help you with our services.

Most businesses need funding, but the business owner doesn't know what to do to prepare their company and position it properly to attract funding opportunities. We bridge that gap by helping you with the information you need for you to navigate the lending process with confidence.  In addition, we offer you corporate finance services to help your company optimize operational efficiency in all departments and maximize your profit margin. Every business needs corporate finance services, but most businesses cannot afford the wage of a corporate finance professional on their payroll. Part of our mission at PENUELCapital is to break the barrier of labor cost and make corporate finance services affordable to small businesses that want to leverage their advantages.

We serve only businesses within the United States. We do NOT provide any type of consulting services for businesses that are based overseas, outside the United States. If your business is based abroad, outside the US, we encourage you to take advantage of the resources available for businesses in the country where your business is located.


We service clients in all 50 states in the US. To work with us, a business should be making sales and generating revenue, enough to pay the owner of the business a living wage and work benefits. 


If a business is new or not generating enough revenue to fully support the owner of the business financially, we encourage you to double-down on your marketing at this time until a time when the business is bringing in enough revenue to pay the owner a living wage and work benefits. That would be the appropriate time to take advantage of business funding.


Our vision is to support business owners in the United States in their quest to grow their businesses effectively using business funding.

We are committed to serving our clients with integrity, honesty, transparency and compassion. We provide top-notch professional service that is Done-With-You, offering you the support you need to achieve your goal.




Our services are backed with a 100% Consulting Fee-Back Guarantee. If we do not do the work we promised in our agreement with you, 100% of the consulting fee you paid us will be refunded back to you.

Our Commitment
100% Consulting Fee-Back Guaranteed
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Business Funding Consulting

Have you ever wondered why when banks and lenders deny your loan or funding application, they don’t ever tell you what you need to do to improve your application and come back in 3 or 6 months' time and try again? They send you away for what is a reversible situation.


When you are looking for funding to grow your business, we know that you are trying your best to solve an existing problem and that’s why PENUELCapital exist: to help you with the right information you need to navigate the lending landscape and take away the overwhelm, confusion and frustration most business owners experience during the funding process. We help you learn what you need to know and do, in order to achieve your goal.

There are two ways to grow and scale your business: the hard way or the effective way. Does your company make sales and generate revenue, enough to pay the owner of the company a living wage and work benefits? If yes, then your company could benefit from business funding.


If you would like to leverage business funding to grow and scale your company faster without relying on your personal savings, retirement fund or charging business expenses on your personal credit cards, bugging your friends-and-family to help you raise cash, or getting worried and anxious about where and how you’d ever get the funds you need to scale, we will provide you with the information you will need to navigate the business lending process with confidence.

Business Plan & Pitch Deck Services

A well-written business plan is your road map to success.

As an entrepreneur with passion for what you do; the product you’ve created or the amazing services your business offer the world, you may have been tempted to jump directly into startup mode without first engaging a detailed and well-written business plan.

Banks and lenders want to know how your business would make enough money to pay back a business line of credit, loan, credit card or other type of investment made on your business. A well-written business plan would showcase the explicit objectives of your sales forecast, financial projections, expense budget, cash-flow statement, and market analysis and help convince lenders that your business is viable and worth the investment.

If you are seeking out partners to join your company or you need an injection of capital from an angel investor, you will need a Pitch Deck, in addition to your business plan, to answer questions about your profitability and revenue-generation.

Maybe you don’t know where to start or don’t know how to put your ideas together into a strategic business plan that wins the hearts of banks, lenders, and investors. We can help!


Let our expert team at PENUELCapital help you put together a winning business plan and pitch deck.

What We Offer
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Corporate Credit Consulting

Did you know that as a corporate entity, your business should have its own corporate credit rating? Do you know the business credit score of your company? If you cannot answer this simple question with a definitive YES, it is likely that you are among the many business owners who do not know that every company should have its own business credit score, the same way each individual has their own personal credit score. A corporate business credit portfolio of a company contains multiple business credit accounts the company has maintained with business credit reporting bureaus that banks and lenders pull credit information from to approve or reject business loans, lines of credit and credit card applications.

In case you haven't heard of "corporate credit rating" or "business credit score" before, but you are curious to know what it is and learn how you can use it to grow your company, we bridge this knowledge gap by providing you with the right information you need to learn all you need to do in order to create a corporate credit portfolio for your company. Having the right information that will help you learn the necessary things you need to do is pivotal to you taking that bold step to position your company properly to attract funding opportunities.

Empowerment comes from learning and understanding what actions you need to take to better position yourself and your company to achieve your business growth goal. As a consulting firm, we provide you with that knowledge base of the right information you need to piece together a cohesive course of action that will help you accomplish your goal.



Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance services have eluded small businesses for years due to the high cost of labor involved in bringing a corporate professional on board the team of a small business. Small businesses have low employee head count and cannot afford the 6-figure salary needed to pay and keep a corporate finance professional on staff. As a result, small businesses have learned to do without corporate finance services and many small business owners have never heard of the term “Corporate Finance”.


Would it be beneficial to you as a business owner to get a complete picture of the performance of your company and pinpoint areas where you are leaving money on the table and how you could optimize performance in those areas? What about spotting and understanding potential threats to the continued existence of your business and how you could strategize a competitive advantage that will help your company to mitigate risks, improve your market share position, and become sustainable over a long period of time? Unbeknown to many, Corporate Finances services are the reason why big corporations successfully optimize their operational efficiency and bring in billions of dollars in annual profits while small businesses are struggling financially to keep their doors open.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank anymore to hire a corporate finance professional on your team and pay a 6-figure salary. PENUELCapital has broken the barrier of labor cost and accessibility to Corporate Finance services for small-and-medium sized businesses within the borders of the United States. For a fraction of what it would have cost to pay a corporate finance professional on your staff, we will provide your company with the right Corporate Finance services your company need. You will get recommendations from us on how your company can improve business operations, increase capital structure, and optimally utilize all assets to maximize profitability.

Why Choose

Excellent, Transparent and Compassionate Service

At PENUELCapital, we serve from the heart knowing that our clients are searching for solutions that actually work. We are committed to providing top-notch excellent service that will help you reach your goal. From experience, we understand how daunting it feels to be in the market seeking for business funding because we have walked that path before, This inspires our compassion, and we assure you that we will always serve with integrity and transparency at the highest level.

100% Consulting Fee-Back Guarantee

We will outline all the work we will do for you at the beginning of our client-consultant relationship. If we fail to do the work we promised you on our agreement with , we will refund the consulting fee you paid to us, 100% Period!

Scale Your Company With Corporate Finance Services 

Our differentiator is our Corporate Finance services as well as our Business Plan writing service. With these services, your business is getting the right tools to scale effectively and manage growth. Think of it as having your own Chief Financial Officer (CFO) without having to pay the CFO wage.  

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